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    Maternity, Baby & Newborn Photographer in Buckinghamshire

    You are maybe thinking why would you be up for having your picture taken when you are carrying a baby, you may or may not feel your best and its a couple hours out of your precious time when you need to rest. A photo session enables you to capture a moment in time. It celebrates the gift of lif. Its a wonderful example for your son or daughter. It is leaving behind a legacy for your child and the generations to come. Most wonderful is for your children and their children to feel connected to you and their line whilst at the same time having beautiful images that gives personality to your home in the present.

    Trends in poses and uses of props are always changing in the Newborn Photography Industry. We step back from the trend of elaborate posing to focus on emotive imagery through simple and classic posing. Any baby we photograph is not seen as an opportunity to create beautiful imagery but as a vulnerable human whose image we capture in a moment in time for the parents to treasure. Safety concerns is a must with Heyho! Portrait Studio.

    We focus very much on hygiene as we are concerned with newborns coming into contact with surfaces within the studio. Floors and surfaces are wiped down as persons will come into the studio from outside envirnoment. The same precaution I make for children in my home is the same precautions taken in studio. We aim to use products that are environmental friendly.

    Newborn Photography - Posing & Safety

    Many persons looking at concept images online do not understand how these poses were achieved. Newborn Photographers use composites and take lots of care to ensure the safety of the baby. In no way should a baby be put in an unsafe pose, position or prop in the attempt at getting that shot. Its not worth it!

    Medical practitioners, trained midwives and information from reliable sources helps advise what is the best poses for newborns and babies and the signs to look out for when a baby becomes uncomfortable during a photography session. Not all babies will get into a desired pose. It is important not to force baby's into un-natural poses. I discuss with parents what they are happy with.

    A baby's head weighs 25% of its total body weight vs an adult which is 10% so its important that a support person be on hand to support the baby. Babies have large tongues in small mouths that can restrict its airways if the head is raised too far back. Neck is held in neutral position to ensure there are no breathing issues. Their necks are short so if their chin are on their chest the airways can be compromised. Babies rib cages are not calcified like adults. Where adults rib cages pushes out, a baby breaths up.

    Newborns have startled reflex where they will suddenly throw their hands and legs outwards jerkingly. For this reason eyes should not be taken off the baby. The baby should be soundly asleep before being placed into a prop that has edges that might hurt them. This is the reason a baby is wrapped before being placed in a container. Babies are strong in their legs and can push against the container thus pushing their head hard upwards at the container. Hands can be bruised.

    Parents hire newborn photographers to create images that they themselves cannot create so before a shoot begins we discuss with parents any conditions or birth trauma a baby might have had to determine what poses can be achieved.